WonderFULLCircle Lab

Female Empowerment Workshop where the key words will be: female leadership, personal blooming, network, and woman-energy.

A unique opportunity to taste, exclusively, some drops from our WonderFULLYou WonderFULLwomen Female Empowerment course. A right balance between the activities of discovering one's potential, networking with more wonderful women, having space in which to promote oneself, practicing one's awareness and personal blooming.

The workshop is part of the project WonderfullWomen, with Martina Pavone and organized by Officina FRIDA.


  • Live workshops on Zoom, interactive formula.
  • Frontal lesson, interactive approach and a mix between deductive and inductive method
  • Group activities
  • Single activity
  • Exchange community
  • Network of contacts
  • Sharing of resources and material


  • 3 Appointments: Thursday 10th, 17th and 24rd September from 20 Gmt + 3 to 22 Gmt + 3, in English.
  • Minimum 5 participants
  • Registration through this link >
  • Good Internet connection required; Ability to access Zoom; Quiet room; Paper and Pen, Post-its and colors at your discretion. 
  • SPECIAL PRICE: € 30 > Payment through PayPal

Martina Pavone is a professional trainer, consultant and coach with ten years experience in international corporate environments, Nonprofits and social institutions, Schools and Universities. Her primary topics are communication, leadership, group behaviour, change management, diversity and inclusion. Currently she collaborates with LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL in Rome and with Rokyan Consultancy in Afghanistan while being based in Istanbul (among others she worked with Endress Hauser, Sanofi, Poste Italiane, Banca Intesa, Presidenza Della Repubblica Italiana, Acea, Ama, Atac, Proximity, UNHCR, UNDP, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan, Tor Vergata University, SDA Bocconi, Koç University, Bahçeşehir University, Galileo Galilei Institute, Liceo Italiano Istanbul, Evrim Okullari etc etc). Her approach to all the teachings, consultancy and projects is including the playful and ludic element, coming from her strong background in music, theatre and improvisational theatre, to motivate trainees and create a balanced and efficient team. In 2014 she co-founded Onar Istanbul, a Turkish NGO that was fighting gender based violence and promoting women's empowerment. In 2017 she founded the WonderFULL Women’s brand where she continues her advocating activities for Women’s Empowerment and personal blooming in collaboration with Officina della Meraviglia by the Cooperativa Frida, Milano. Since 2011 she has been touring all around Europe teaching different formulas of her training to different target audiences gaining a lot of experience in different contexts. She is a Certified Coach from the Adlerian School of Coaching in Istanbul and from the Womanly Wealth Academy Integrative Program (USA). For the past 6 years she has been a facilitator for educational and social projects designed and personalized for schools regarding Gender Based Violence, Gender Integration, Diversity and Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Non violent Communication, personal growth, social skills, collaboration etc. 


Q: Is it necessary to attend all three appointments?
A: Yes :) Both for educational and logistic reasons and for networking with other WonderFULL Women.

Q: Do I have to have a Zoom subscription to participate?
A: No, at the time of registration you will be provided with the link with ID code and password. We advise you to open them from a computer to be more comfortable and to be able to view the other participants

Q: Do we need to have the camera open?
A: Yes, for many activities we will need to see each other, but not for all. At your discretion.